Mrs Motivator

Okay. Well. Yes. Erm. How have you all been? Why does time go so fast when you’re not having fun. I mean 2020, what a shitty non year. Trouble is I’ve been working non stop since the world turned upside down and whatever free time I have had I’ve spent binge watching The Office and Breaking Bad. A good use of my time I think. But I’ve neglected this little blog. Partly because I’ve nothing to write about that sparks my interest. I have could go on and on about face masks/hand sanitizers/bad Boris/clapping/panic buying etc etc but there’s only so much Covid 19 that a person should be exposed to (in both senses of the word). I have could write about my 40th birthday celebration being interrupted but I had a perfect day when I looked back. Not at all what I planned but it was everything I needed. I could have written a book on the emotions of my 16 year old daughter abruptly leaving school/not taking exams/nervously awaiting her ‘results’/starting college but I didn’t. I could give myself high blood pressure by recalling the failed attempts to home school a reluctant 13 year old and how many hiding places we had to find to hide various devices. I could have tried to put into words how hard it was not to see family or limit how many times we went outside. I could have moaned about my split ends/bushy eyebrows/missed concerts/trips but I didn’t.

I think we were all the same place. The same dark twisty place that couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Yeah sure, life goes on and we have to adapt. Who would have thought we’d have to add face masks to our list of things we have to leave the house with. “Kids, have you got your phone/keys/lunch/homework/facemask/sanitizer?” It’s slowly becoming the norm, whether we like it or not. As life is slowly getting back into something that vaguely resembles a normal routine, I’m going to make an effort to update my blog more regularly.

I can’t promise that my posts will be Covid free or that I won’t indulge in my love of The Office ( A bit late to the party but OMG , what a show!) but all the same, content nevertheless.

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