Wicked Wednesdays

Good things have happened today. Hopefully I’ve persuaded a younger colleague of mine to get out and make sure they’ve registered to vote in the upcoming General Election. I did dare and ask how they’d voted in the past and slowly backed away grinning saying to myself “Don’t get involved, don’t get involved” when the answer was not how I’d vote myself. I did listen intently and even suggested solutions to the problems they’d brought up. I’m confident in my own views but I have to be careful not to impose my views too much on others, especially in the workplace.

I’ve discovered an exercise that I actually like and look forward to do doing every week. I’m hoping that regular exercise will kick start a new me that is healthy and fit. I’m not a gym bunny so a classroom in my local school to do pilates is perfect for me. 

And as a side note, I’ve still got the bloody earworm visiting. It’s still “Champagne, cocaine, gasoleeeeennnnnnneee” As you were. 

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