The Kids Are Alright

My kids are so ungrateful. That’s a horrible thing to say about your own kids but it’s true. I don’t know if other parents are willing to admit that their kids are so annoyingly bored of everything that has been or will ever be and whatever you do is never enough. Bloody school holidays are to blame. How can I amuse a 12 year old girl and a 8 year old boy equally? The 12 year old wants to sit permanently on her phone tittle tattling with her friends about boys and llamas and the 8 year old is more than happy with 2 TVS on showing 2 different programmes, watching neither and scattering Lego all over the house. Does this sound familiar?

Trying to get the 12 year old out to even watch her brother outside is like pulling teeth. “It’s too cold” she complains. The mere suggestion of putting on a coat means she throws a Kevin and Perry style strop on the sofa. Telling the 8 year old not to turn on the ice cold outside tap to clean his hands is like telling him he can’t ever have chocolate again. The absolute agony they go through on a daily basis is really upsetting. I have on more than one occasion offered them the number for Childline because I’m so evil I make them read a book. Trying to get them off the devices is the real problem. I’ve conceded that the X Box is the least offensive. They have limited games and don’t argue as much when they play together. They are of a generation that is addicted to gadgets and being online. And try telling them they’ve never had it so good with on demand TV and music. They never knew the pain of having to tape songs off the radio or relying on the infamous Video + to tape your favourite TV programmes. They are spoilt. But I know they would never say they were. According to them they are poor and everyone else is having a better time than they are. Let me tell you 21st century kids, I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry that you have no imagination to amuse yourselves other than playing computer games or texting drivel all days long.

Part of our problem is that we’re not poor enough to get discounted things to do and not rich enough ( or able ) to hop in the car to drive to do free things. Boo hoo you might think but where we live there is zero to do that doesn’t cost the earth. We could walk to our local shopping centre but to do what? Spend money in the shops? Go to the overpriced cinema? Eat lunch in a grubby fast food “restaurant”? To get to the nearest towns we have to spend £8 on a bus ticket to do not much else other than the above. Did you know 2 games of bowling for 2 adults and 2 children costs £44! Plus the £8 to get there, that’s £52 without snacks or drinks. Thats a days wages for me! We simply can’t afford that. Stupid as it sounds, we could go to London for the day for the same money and sample all the free things the capital has to offer instead. The sad thing is is that where we live there are things to do but without proper public transport infrastructure we are basically trapped.

So kids, I’m sorry. Terrible parents we are for trapping you inside the house but giving you books, art materials, a garden, bikes, TVs, DVD players, tablets, I pods, game consoles and toys to play with instead. Roll on April 12th, that’s what I say!

2 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright

    1. They have their good and bad days, today has been a bad day in terms of the how nothing will amuse them but who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

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