I’ve Got The IPod Shuffle #2

It’s been a while readers but it’s taken me this long to add songs to my iPhone. Yes I am that lazy and technology conspired against me to make it more difficult than it actually should have been. I long for the days where sheer mind power can transfer MP3s to a device, not hard drives, iTunes and dodgy USB cables.

Anyway here are the not so different bands and their offerings today.

  • California (There is no end to love) by U2.

Erm. I’ve got nothing against U2 but I don’t ask for this album to be automatically added to my iTunes library.   I’m not interested enough to give it a listen so every track gets skipped to the next track.

  • At My Most Beautiful by R.E.M.

This is one of my favourite R.E.M songs. We wanted to use the intro of this song at our wedding but the    registrar wouldn’t let us. It always evokes memories of planning our wedding and the special time that was.

  • Dreams by The Cranberries.

I found this song on a 90s anthem album. I can remember when the Cranberries were the biggest band on the  planet for about 3 weeks. This is one of their best songs in my opinion.

  • Lotus by R.E.M.

Yes shuffle you have excelled yourself again, 2 songs off the same album in 3 presses of the next button. A good  solid rock song. I can’t hear the word “Lotus” without screaming like Michael Stipe “I ate the Lotus!”

  • Climbing the Wall by Stereophonics.

This song always takes me back to when we saw Stereophonics live. Can’t remember the year but I think it was  the NIA in Birmingham. There’s a line in the song that goes “I’m just lying here playing with myself again”.  Perfectly innocent but the crowd let out a whit woo to which Kelly Jones replied in his Welsh drawl “You dirty  buggers!” and then carried on with the song. I can’t help but smile when I hear that song.

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