Vote For Me!

Hi readers. I hope you’re all fine and dandy. I also hope you are all getting excited to vote in next weeks general election. No? Excitement the wrong word? What would sum up your attitude towards the forthcoming election and politics in general? I know some of you are bored with it all, can’t wait for the coverage in the newspapers and the endless reports on the TV news to end, wish you weren’t getting leaflets shoved through the door everyday, couldn’t pick out Ed Milliband out of line up if your life depended on it and more worryingly you probably don’t plan on voting at all?

Why is that? I’ve never understood why people don’t make the effort to find out which way their bread is buttered. I know we all don’t see the world the same way, we all have different beliefs and priorities but surely there is a political party that broadly matches your own. Have a look online, watch the news, watch the TV debates and read the leaflets that drop on your doormat. We have a diverse mix of parties in Great Britain that offer different viewpoints about living in this great country. I get annoyed with people who say that all the parties are the same or every single MP is a money grabbing git and use that excuse to be apathetic.

Some of you will think that politics is something that other people are interested in. Perhaps nerdy boring people banging on about marginal seats and coalitions. You are wrong. Politics is everything. Politics affects every part of your life. Young or old. Rich or poor. Male or female. We should all engage in what matters to us. How many of you will vote every single series of X Factor for some perma-tanned wannabe with zero chance of a singing career but stay at home when its time to decide who runs the country and ultimately the person who shapes our future. I know the clever editing of these reality programmes are meant to seduce us into parting with our cash to repeatedly phone the voting line and to buy the frankly annoying pointless outdated Christmas single and that seeing men and women in power suits shaking hands with pensioners in high streets doesn’t have the same effect but surely any sane person can see which will be more beneficial to the Great British public.

I believe we should vote. I don’t think it should be made compulsory though, we live in a democratic country and free choice should prevail. I also don’t subscribe to the idea that we should vote simply because people died for our country in the two world wars. Those people fought the end of fascism and fought for the rights of people to make their own choices in life. I am not an ultra feminist either but stand shoulder to shoulder with the suffragettes who fought to give women the choice to vote. I can proudly say I’ve voted in every election (local council, general election and European election) since 1998. I do not plan to stop either. I am also proud to say that our children are politically aware. Learning to listen to debates and arguments and forming their own opinions.

So to all you still reading this, are you going to vote? Do you know which party stands for your beliefs? Are you going to ignore the cheap shots and dodgy photos that appear in the press and make up your own mind? Please do and use that vote wisely!

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