I’ve got the iPod shuffle#1

A new feature that I hope you will enjoy. Now we all love being nosy, I know am. In the olden days (1980’s) I used to love looking through my mom and dad’s record collection and to a lesser extent their tapes. I probably have a lot of what they listened to now on CD or on my iPod. I was never one of those kids who were embarrassed by their parents taste in music, well apart from my moms usually good taste tarnished by a brief flirtation with Boyzone!

So what I’m going to do is press the all important shuffle button on my iPod 5 times and give an explanation of why that song is there. Here goes…

Song 1 The Tudors by Horrible Histories

Richard just asked me what I’d write if the song was embarrassing. Well I know some of you good readers might be embarrassed to admit they listen to songs from a kids TV show. As it turns out, I’m not!! A great song that covers the monarchs of the Tudor era, from Henry VII to Elizabeth I.

Song 2 Think by Aretha Franklin

I think this was on an Atlantic soul compilation added by Richard and I cherry picked the songs I liked the best off it. A good hairbrush song to mime to in my opinion.

Song 3 Run To Me by The Bee Gees

I don’t even know how this song goes! It’s on the Best of the Bee Gees album which I’ve had years and I should’ve took the main songs that I like instead of keeping songs that’ll probably never listen to.

Song 4 Mugwump by Terrorvision

A great album track off the Regular Urban Survivors album. One of the few albums that I can say I like every track. Probably because I played it non stop on my morning route to school. It was a song off this album that cemented the idea in my head that I’d like a career in video production. I used to see songs when I was younger. Dream up and plan the music videos in my head whilst I was listening to them. That dream has now died and strangely enough I now see songs performed on the stage!

Song 5 III Wishes by Terrorvision

Oh Apple. I have over 1000 songs on my iPod, why oh why do two songs from the same band follow each other? A good standard rock song that always reminds me of my college days. A chap I used to fancy liked Terrorvision and I would try and engage him in conversation about anything related to my favourite band. It didn’t work, he fancied my best mate instead.

So there you go. I hope you’ve gained an insight into my musical habits and have found it interesting. Look out for further iPod shuffle blogs!!

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