Mrs Writer.

It’s fascinating that I’ve always had an interest in writing. Back in my school days I wrote short stories, in college I wrote a short story based on my friends video project and in university I would write extensive essays about the films we were studying. Fascinating that now I work in retail, I am barely maintaining this blog and am thinking about major scale writing.

I’m sick of all the crap that’s on TV at the moment. I’m sick of not seeing the likes of me on the TV. You know, honest working class people. Not the loutish criminals that are wheeled out for people to ridicule. I’m talking about seeing families such as The Royle Family or the Hecks. Hard workers (well not Jim or Denise Royle!), who importantly are working class.

The Heck family from the Middle, shown on Comedy Central.
The Royles from The Royle Family, shown on BBC1.


I’m not getting on my soap box again, nor do I have a chip on my shoulder, but how many TV programmes truly portray the working class? You could say elements of the working class are in soaps but that is being eroded by sensationalist storylines of murders every five minutes, drinking in the pub every night and always buying their breakfast from the cafe. How often have you thought to yourself “I’m really short of cash, I’ll just pop to the pub for a quick pint!” Bianca in Eastenders was probably one of the last proper working class characters in the soap but the writers concentrated on her love life more than anything.

After moaning that we could write better than the soaps we were watching, an idea struck me. Why don’t we? Why don’t we sit down and write about our lives. It then struck me that ordinary life is boring. Boring school run, boring work and then a bit more boring thrown in for good measure. The challenge is to turn the mundaneness of life into something funny or something which is interesting to watch. It’s going to be hard. The Royle Family broke the mould for me, a programme about nothing really that spoke up for the ordinary man and woman.

Wish us luck! *

*Us is me and my husband Rich, who has probably already cast the leading lady as a feisty red-head played by Karen Gillan!



2 thoughts on “Mrs Writer.

  1. Go for it sue, if you need any props I’m available lol x

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