Summer Catch Up.

Long time no see! I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I haven’t been abducted by little green men or had my memory wiped by cyborgs. I’ve been that overused word, busy. No really I have.

I had big plans for the 6 weeks holiday but the days have inexplicably ran out. As I sit writing this on a soggy bank holiday Monday, my kids have technically 6 days of holiday left (not including the weekend). We haven’t visited the park, walked along the canal, baked cakes, knuckled down with their times tables, started our book challenge, visited family and friends, started our scrapbook, got further with our de cluttering, made a start on replacing our wonky floorboards, adding to our barely functional back garden and you get the general gist. Ideas that are good at the time but will have to wait.

But we have been busy doing other stuff, so here goes! Visiting London, going on the London eye, going on a river cruise, visiting the Natural History Museum, visiting the British Museum, shopping on Oxford Street, visiting Berwick Upon Tweed for our main holiday, getting excited because it’s the furthest North in the UK we’ve visited, getting more excited because we visited Edinburgh, which was my first time in Scotland, doing the tour bus thing in Edinburgh and getting sunburnt, witnessing some sights walking around Edinburgh because the Fringe festival was on, having an in depth conversation with a Scottish busker about public toilets, visiting Alnwick castle and gardens, embracing the geek and child in me by joining in with the Harry Potter broomstick training, getting inspiration from the beautiful gardens, trying to advance from glorified doggy paddling to an actual recognised swimming stroke with a small amount of success, flying a kite on a deserted beach, hitting a rally of 3 shots with a cheap tennis racket and ball set, seeing Dolphins in the sea, slowly but surely improving the kids spellings with daily tests, getting interested in photography, working but hopefully a change could be on the radar, reducing my utility, Cable and mobile phone bills, booking a family holiday next May, keeping my plants alive, enjoying the solitary strawberry off my strawberry plant, throwing the majority of the peppers I’ve grown away because of giant holes caused by greedy critters, going further we’ve gone before on our bikes and regretting that the next day, going to see Wicked at the Birmingham Hippodrome for my moms birthday treat and finally enjoying Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor in Doctor Who.

Wowzers! Add into that the general cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, sleeping and the mandatory TV viewing I’m not surprised we haven’t got some things done.

I can’t promise normal blog services will resume but I will try my best. I’ve been keeping little mental notes of stuff I want to write about, it’s finding time to do them justice. I enjoy writing this little blog and don’t want to see it empty and unloved and I know that’s all down to me and my effort. I’ve allowed it to slide slightly but that needs to change. Keep watching this space lovely readers.

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