Lazy Susan

Hello readers, have you missed me? I’ve been suffering with a bit of writers block. I’ve had so many ideas but not been able to put them to paper or to ipad as I’m doing now! I can’t keep making excuses for myself anymore though. Yes I’m busy. I work part time, I have 2 kids who are fantastic but are so demanding, I’m a wife, daughter, sister and lastly a friend. Sometimes I get my priorities wrong. I may sail through the day and not give a single thought about someone or something important and then feel guilty. I know I’m not alone in thinking like this, is it the curse of motherhood? Is it a curse of modern living where there are so many distractions. As I’m writing this I’m “watching” The White Queen on DVD, eating chocolates, thinking of what I’ve got to do tomorrow, wondering what my daughter is doing as she is on her residential from school, thinking that I should not be eating these chocolates and so on and so forth until my brain resembles the strawberry creme I’ve just devoured.

I find myself looking at the massive pile of ironing that is building up and idly walking past it and playing on Candy Crush Saga instead. I’ll quite happily leave washing up in the sink or leave clean dishes in the dishwasher to read one more chapter of Harry Potter. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m lazy but my house is clean and tidy, most of the time! And again, just now, I’m watching The White Queen and wondering if the actor who plays the young Henry Tudor is the actor in a YouTube video I like. Instead of concentrating on this Blog post my brain is not 100% on the job. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older but I can’t filter out the crap like I used to. I don’t have a massive interest in the football (now England are out) but I can’t ignore the matches when they’re on the TV. I hope I can finish this before the Netherlands-Argentina match starts because once it kicks off, my gaze will draw towards the TV and I’ll get cross myself because I don’t really want to watch it!!

So apologies to anyone who I’ve made promises to and I haven’t kept them. Apologies to family and friends who want to talk/text/see me in real life, I haven’t forgot you. It’s just that life and funny apps are getting in the way! Nothing personal to the people who may feel they have been shortchanged, I love you all the appropriate amounts but there is only one Susan to go around and it feels amazing that the universe wants a piece of me.

This seems like a good place to end this. I’ll leave you with, what currently seems to be the theme tune to my life!

3 thoughts on “Lazy Susan

  1. Hey, just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. You can out more here my lovely: Have a great weekend x

    1. I have seen it yes, thank you. I’m very honoured. Watch this space! X

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